Interval House
Center for the Pacific Asian Family
La Casa de las Madre
Jenesse Center
Laura's House
Human Options
Rainbow Services
Angel Step Inn
Womens and Childrens Crisis Shelter
Good Shepherd Shelter
Asian Pacific Women's Center

Valuable Information

Leslie Morgan Steiner  

    Why Domestic Violence Victims Don't Leave

Dr. Jill Murray  

    Learning to Recognize Destructive Relationships

Shelters and Assistance

Strength in Scarves


Strength in Scarves is a non-project 501(c)(3) organization

 National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
 National Domestic Violence Hotline
 California Partnership to End Domestic Violence
 National Network to End Domestic Violence 
 Women's Law project 
 Council on Aging Orange County
 United Nation's Secretary-General's Campaign 

       UNiTE to End Violence Against Women