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Strength in Scarves is a non-project 501(c)(3) organization


Strength in Scarves

Board of Directors

Debbie Hao             ~CEO, Executive Director
Anne Wong             ~VP, Board Director
Melodie Seto           ~CFO, Secretary, Board Director
Chris Huang            ~Treasurer, Board Director

"I think domestic violence is an issue that needs to be more out in the open. Often, someone suffering from domestic violence does not realize that they are, and if they do come to that realization, they do not always reach out to their loved ones. Sometimes, there is a fear of ridicule or disbelief. For me, I didn't realize that I was a victim until many years of suffering. Looking back, I was fearful of being reprimanded for merely saying the wrong words, paying attention to the wrong person, buying the wrong items, or wanting to eat the wrong foods.

I feel that media depicts domestic violence as physical harm and sexual assault but it is much more than that. Domestic Violence encompasses physical, financial, mental, emotional and verbal abuse, and exists when an abuser asserts negative control over another person. Abuse can include any form of intimidation from physical harm, sexual assault, and stalking but also name-calling, control of social interaction (keeping someone from family or friends), and insults.

No one should suffer in this way. No one should fear living.

I believe that each person should feel loved and cared for and develop inner strength and confidence to live with openness and freedom. "
                                                                       ~ Words from a loved one